• Quiksilver
    "IT Next Generation provide fast and friendly support and always find solutions to our problems"
  • Jackson Lalic
    "Their follow up service is done with care and a degree of promptness that demonstrates a sensitivity to the problems that can face a small organisation when there are difficulties with technology."
  • Paragon Project
    "I highly recommend IT Next Generation as a ‘hands-on’ IT technical support company that are truly tried and tested..."

IT Next Generation

IT Next Generation delivers outsourced IT Solutions to businesses of all sizes. We provide complete IT support for smaller businesses and specialist consulting and support for larger businesses with their own IT staff.

Our aim is to always provide cost effective solutions that deliver increased stability and functionality to your network. Our services and solutions are designed to ensure that your systems run as smoothly as possible and require the least amount of ongoing maintenance.

Data integrity and availability are critical in todays business world and we place an emphasis on data security, backups and data integrity. We work with products from leading vendors to provide the right solution for your needs.

Business Continuity


Servers, networks and other computer systems continue to become more complex. At the same time our reliance on these systems is increasing and downtime is affecting businesses ability to operate.

Cloud Services


The Cloud can be many different things. Your business is probably already accessing many different Cloud Services and may not even know it. Online Banking, Hosted SPAM Filters, Hosted Email and your Company Website are just a few simple examples.

The Cloud can offer your business many advantages that are either not affordable for Small Business or that simply make managing your IT Systems simpler. IT Next Generation can design, implement and integrate various Cloud Services into your business.

Fully Managed Networks


IT Next Generation provides a range of fixed price services that deliver a high standard of support including pro-active patching of  systems and monitoring of trends allowing us to quickly identify issues and respond to them immediately.

Patching and Monitoring

The base level includes all patching and monitoring along with monthly reporting. If we detect an issue on your network a ticket will be raised and we will let you know of the issue and our recommended actions.

Network Design

As networks become more complex good Network Design becomes more and more important. Network Design must support increasing network speeds and data volumes, increased security and logging requirements, proper segregation of ISCSI and FCoE from application and client data, and increasing QOS challenges brought on by VOIP and other latency affected applications.

Examples of Network Design Challenges include:



Modern server hardware is often under utilised. Server Virtualisation provides many benefits in modern networks including:

Efficient Hardware Utilisation Modern Server CPU's are often less than 25% utilised by many servers. Server Virtualisation allows us to assign unused CPU cores and even CPU cycles across servers as required. In some situations up to 10 older servers can be consolidated onto a single server - although ratios of 4 to 1 are more realistic.

Small Business Specialists


Small Business is not the same as Big Business. Small Businesses have different needs, expectations and budgets. Small Business can implement new systems and change much faster than Big Business - but where many Big Business projects fail at some level Small Business cannot afford failed projects or cost over runs. Small Businesses dont have the same resources or budgets as larger businesses but they still require robust and reliable systems.